Bannon teases the next segment saying that the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the Texas law appeal has D.C. in meltdown. Heh…

Cold open: MSNBC reaction to “Most restrictive abortion ban in the country is allowed to take effect in Texas.” – Susan Page, USA Today

Bannon: This is why the Evangelicals supported Trump.

It’s all coming together against the Biden regime. You need to take the content of the show and the speakers and push it out to everyone, more than ever. They stole a federal election. ProPublica has an article – they’re freaked out that we have a grass roots level to take over the Republican Party. They’re in complete meltdown because they understand we are on the rise with the right people.

SCOTUS 5-4 is telling us they are for a pre-viability ban.

Terry Schilling, American Principles Project: Walks us through the ruling. Texas passed a bill forbidding abortion after six weeks — abortionist must check for a heartbeat before performing an abortion or face a $10,000 fine.

This is the Super Bowl for the pro-life movement, this will open up a lot of different avenues. The Congress could codify this into law. This is a fight that’s just starting.

Viability is the point where a baby can survive outside the womb. The Texas Heartbeat Act protects unborn babies at 6weeks -plus gestation. to report violations.

Aiding and abetting such an abortion is also illegal. Report those who do.