“I just learned something interesting from my friendly mail lady. We got to talking about their (USPS) jab exemption and she said, “ We’ll, he had no choice, he knew we could rat him out”. I thought she meant because of the social media reporting Conservatives but what she said was “ We know how much cheating there was regarding the mail-in ballots. They saw it and they know things. This was a pay-off to keep their mouths shut. Slimy Biden.

She is a Conservative and a Trump supporter. ( I did not know that previously). She said she reported what she was seeing but nothing was done about it because it was rampant. She confirmed how ballots were delivered and stolen right out of boxes. Piles of ballots left at apt complexes just left out in tubs. She said if there is an address on ballot, they have to deliver it.

This government and its step children are vindictive and willing to break rules to shut people down and keep them in line. This is why we have to support those that step to the front line of battle. Courage begets more courage.”