Jim Geraghty, NRO.com 

The question of whether this virus emerged from a lab leak is supremely important, but it has obscured the equally scandalous and horrific facts that are known and indisputable. Chinese authorities in Wuhan and later in Beijing knew they were dealing with a dangerous and contagious virus, and instead of warning the world, chose to allow contagious carriers to travel around the world. The Chinese government did not admit the virus was contagious until January 21. By then, it was far too late; cases had been reported in Japan, South Korea, and Thailand, and the virus was spreading, undetected, all around the world.

This raises the uncomfortable question of whether something that was not designed as a bioweapon can become the functional equivalent of a bioweapon, when it is knowingly spread to other countries.

David Asher is a senior fellow at Hudson Institute, and in 2020, he served in the State Department advising and supporting investigations into nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons proliferation. At State Department, he spearheaded a task force for the Office of the Secretary of State, looking at the origins of COVID-19 and the role of the Chinese Communist government.

At a recent Hudson Institute event, Asher noted, “almost any major lab in the world could create a bioweapon, unfortunately. It really comes down to if something was released in a form of a potential pandemic pathogen, whether it was covered up or not. They certainly in China weaponized this virus, however it arrived on the face of the earth, by covering up, not just its origin, but the fact that it was spreading and could spread asymptomatically human to human, and they did it for months.”