From a commenter who writes:

I’ve posted this previously, but some may have missed it- our experience with ordering I*mectin online.

we ordered from

$25 for a doctor to review the short questionnaire.
$132 for 20 of calculated by weight* capsules (if you start and leave, they email a 20% coupon)
$18.55 shipping
it took 20 days from order to receipt. Ordered 8/15, received 9/5

*the dosage is by your weight.
If you order 3 mg tablets, 6 of them would equal one DOSE in an 18 mg capsule from the compounding pharmacy. 6 pills vs. 1 capsule. And depending on weight, it could be more or less than 6 pills.
(page 3 for dosages)

Included with the directions for use is the direct number to call the doctor with any questions.
expensive? I didn’t think so. Frontline is not accepting new patients.