Have you heard or know anything about this?

“A guy at work said he has a friend who is a truck driver in the Army. They were doing a weekend mission of sorts and they entered a tunnel in Texas and drove for almost 2 straight days and came out in Canada. Sounded like he wasn’t able to say anything else about it and probably could have gotten in trouble for even mentioning the drive. But it was described to him as a literal freeway.” — Eric L, Telegram

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Have heard over the years about it, but the traffic on highways going N and S you would not think possible..

  2. That’s a lot of dirt to hide. When I think of the hundreds of workers it takes to build a mile-long section of freeway above ground, a project of this magnitude would be incalculable. Paint me skeptical.

  3. At this point nothing surprises or shocks me. We know how the deep state has lied to us and manipulated us for over a century.

    – The Titanic
    -The private bank with the name “Federal Reserve”
    – The Great Depression
    – The unconstitutional creation of individual income tax
    – WW I
    – WW II
    – Korean War
    – Viet Nam War
    – The “Cold War”
    – Countless actions by the CIA to install preferable rulers
    – The 9/11 event and disappearance of $3+ Trillion in gold from Bldg. 7
    – Satanic politicians, pedophilia, child trafficking, child sacrifice

    That’s just a few of the ones that have been exposed. Waiting for the rest to be revealed.

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