We’re ready.

Eric Larson, Telegram:

It’s clear that Trump was groomed for this by the military for as long as 20 years prior to 2016. It’s also clear from the posts that the military IS the only way. SCOTUS has already proven itself to be compromised and I think once a couple of states announce some sort of formal intent to decertify and the first bit of reporting about it hits the mainstream, that will be enough to trigger overt military involvement.

Anybody that still thinks things are normal and don’t see the level of unrest this country is going through is so fast asleep, oblivious, and never tuned into current events anyway. Everybody that has an opinion on social media anymore is either awake, like us, or completely lacking any critical thinking ability, or actively in on the suppression of truth, in which case, they know the election was rigged, too.

We all thought this fiasco had gone on long enough a year ago, but now, it truly has gone on long enough. We get it, not all have been exposed yet. Not all have been removed yet. But we’re ready to continue the fight and remove them all, whether by exposing, boycotting and bankrupting, litigating, or citizens’ arrests if we have to.


By Radiopatriot

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