I love diving into the different channels at Telegram. I always find interesting nuggets of info and personal experiences from folks like us that can be quite fascinating. And I love bringing them here to share with YOU! Like this one, written by “Jytte” in response to a comment by “Gray Barn” at Spitballers.


“Interesting, that you also have thoughts about EVIL.

The first thing I read today is Righteous Russia Part 6 by Burning Bright. He is one of my favorites.

He asks in the beginning: Does Evil exist? 

Which inspired thinking, for me, contemplations about good and evil. 

As I began the journey down the Rabbit Hole, I came across the concept of Evil, over and over again. I distanced myself from that concept because it was too simple for me, at the time, to talk about good / evil. 

I have personal experience with psychopaths. I have during psychology studies dealt a lot with psychopathy – and when I learned neuropsychology, I could therefore describe this early injury factually – and therefore feel compassion.

Let’s take the example of Gates. I saw his interrogation in the Microsoft case, saw how he sat and rocked on the chair – which is a sign of stress. He was asked a question about what he was worried about in relation to … [an episode at a specific time] ? More rocking… and then he asked: “That month?” 

The question was repeated… More shaken… “I do not understand the question” Another repetition, with emphasis on “worried about”. Even more shaken followed by: “I do not know what you mean by worried”.

I saw cognitive trouble due to high stress,  inability to regulate stress, no recognition of the concept “worried about” which shows unestablished system of shame and guilt and since he committed this crime while his partner was undergoing chemo-therapy, I saw lack of empathy. So where others used the term Evil, I thought: Lack of development in the brain causing undeveloped system of shame and guilt, no empathy. Therefore psychopath. Poor man.

But when I then dived further into the rabbit hole and saw his “vaccination” of people in India and Africa, saw how he under the guise of altruism via these jabs damaged and killed, it became somewhat harder to maintain that it was “just” about lack of empathy.

You probably know the many examples that he is in favor of genocide, that he can enthusiastically talk about mosquitoes that “vaccinate” when they sting, about his connections to Epstein, his collaboration with Fauci, his connections to Soros, to Rothschilds (The Good Club) and Rockefeller, his upbringing in a family connected to Planned Parenthood – and so much more than that.

It dawned on me then, that ideology played a role. I found that psychopathy + Ideology was a dangerous cocktail. 

Add money and power … and I had to conclude, that evil DOES exists – whether you name it on the basis of religion or something else.

Psychopati + Ideology + Money / Power = Evil. That’s how I see it.