Another interesting perspective from a Spitballer named “Rock Chalk Dave:”

Daves’s Sunday spitball:

I have to get rid of the chat clown reputation and show I can be here it goes.

So this “I caught them all and nobody else could have done that. Let’s see what happens” comment got me thinking 🤔

I know there are people who think ‘well if you caught them why is nothing being done about it?’ So people start losing hope. But I kind of look at it this way. If my house was robbed, I don’t only want to know the burglars were caught. I also want to know how the burglars did it so that I can ensure it never happens again. I believe that is what Trump is trying to do. He’s not only exposing the election fraud, but it’s everything else that goes with the swamp. The people can see more clearly the lies and bad policies. At least I hope they do. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But I guess that’s why they call Democrat voters useful idiots. How many times do they need to be lied to before they wake up? However, pedophilia is being brought to the forefront and that should be the ultimate thing that unites the people.

Does it suck that it’s taking so long? Absolutely! My biggest beef is that even when the criminals are held accountable how is it justice when they’ve been allowed to live their entire lives in luxury and now only face justice when they are old and about to die anyways? It’s then that I have to remind myself that God is the ultimate judge and jury. This helps me sleep better. 

Anyways, have faith that things are being done. If Trump wasn’t in control he’d likely be either dead or in jail, there wouldn’t even be an ongoing Durham investigation, the sex trafficking stings I’ve read about wouldn’t be happening, the election fraud investigations would have been shut down, truth social would be shut down, and the list goes on.

Okay so I’m clearly not the best spitter, but I am a baller so I hope everyone enjoyed seeing a different side of me 😜

Disclaimer: as the author of this ball made of spit, I have the right to edit and/or delete it

Gray Barn replies:

Good spitball Dave!

We all want instance justice. I know I want this to speed up so we can see justice dealt to these people before they die of old age. 

But are these evil people really happy? 

You say ‘they’ve been allowed to live their lives in luxury.’ Do they look like happy people? Does Vodka Pelosi look happy? How about Obama? That man has AGED and JoeLange pointed out yesterday how laughter and happiness keeps you young. Joe Biden isn’t even aware of what is happening around him so I wouldn’t call him happy. All of them get out of bed every day wondering if this will be the day they will need to pay the price for what they’ve done. They step out the door of their house wondering if this is the day an assassin takes them out. They run the gauntlet on their way to work every day wondering when someone or something will pop up from around a corner and take them out.

Then they make it to their office. Phew. They are still alive. So do they rejoice and be happy about that? Heck no! Their mind instantly starts to connive their next scheme on how to take away the happiness from the people around the world. “What can we do to these people to force them to bow down to us?” they ask. But we fight back because they are pure evil and we will not bow down to evil.

These evil people have more money and more luxuries than I can even imagine. I live in an old, 120 year old farmhouse with decades old furniture. I drive a vehicle that is 20 years old. I budget our money to make it last through the month’s bills. I work hard all summer in my huge garden growing our food for the year. But I’d bet I am MUCH happier than any of these rich evil butt hats. Luxuries can’t buy happiness. 

Just because these evil people aren’t sitting in Gitmo, they are far from living a happy, justice-free, life. Think of the insanity that goes on in their minds on a daily basis? Can you imagine having all that evil in your head nonstop? To put it in a purely simplistic way – I say that the entire reason these evil butt hats do what they do is BECAUSE they are totally unhappy people and they want to take away the happiness the rest of us have. They can’t comprehend how someone like me can be happy because I don’t have money or luxuries. They truly do not know how to be happy.

I want to see legal justice served to these people as much as everyone does. But I also gain pure pleasure in watching them squirm and I, for one, do not see these evil people enjoying their lives. They are in a prison already – a prison inside their own mind of their own making because they don’t know the secret to happiness. For me, the secret to my happiness is this – being happy with what I have and not caring if someone else has a newer car or newer belongings or lives in a mansion or has more money in the bank. If I’m happy and I can see that they are not, justice is already being served.