Commentary by Lee Smith

Former President Barack Obama’s appearance at the White House last week raised eyebrows. The fact that a president worshiped by Democrats virtually ignored his former vice president, the current commander-in-chief, signals to some observers that the party in power is turning on its ostensible leader, President Joe Biden.

In addition, White House watchers say, the media has been relatively critical of Biden of late. Polling shows that voters are worried about runaway inflation, the nationwide crime wave, unchecked illegal immigration, and the White House’s role in promoting the sterilization of children. But those are the logical results of the Democratic Party’s showcase initiatives—destroy the fossil fuel industry, defund the police, open the borders, and sanctify trans activism as a core American value.

So, what’s changed? Nothing. The media are just complaining that it’s much harder to carry Biden than they had imagined before they helped escort him into office.

Democratic Party strategists knew what they were getting when they cleared out other 2020 primary candidates to clinch the nomination for Biden. They knew he wasn’t very bright. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Biden“has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

They knew Biden wasn’t competent.

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to [expletive] things up,” Obama reportedly said.

They knew Biden was divisive. As a senator, Biden led the 1991 confirmation hearing of then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, who called the process a “high-tech lynching.”

The party also knew Biden’s cognitive faculties were in steep decline. Former Virginia governor and longtime Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe said Biden’s best chance to win the 2020 race was to stay off the campaign trail and huddle in his basement.

And the Democrats knew that Biden’s family used his name and prestige to make questionable business deals, at home and abroad.

Nonetheless, some commentators on the right believe the Democrats are using the federal investigation of Hunter Biden as an opportunity to sideline the president. That’s unlikely.

The conservative media missed the most relevant facts regarding the Justice Department’s probe by fixing on The New York Times’ and The Washington Post’s almost incidental acknowledgment that (some of) the emails on the laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden are authentic. Finally, the lamestream media acknowledges that we were right!

But the Democratic Party’s media platforms confessed to nothing. Rather, it was a show of force. They were boasting that their control over the flow of information helps shape elections by preventing important news from reaching voters.

Clearly Obama has known of Biden and his family’s shady business dealings for many years. He would have seen it as a useful quality for a vice president: His No. 2 wouldn’t be looking over his shoulder.

Similarly, Biden was the ideal “stand-in” for an Obama third term. As long as Joe appeared to hold the top job, he wouldn’t mind if someone else was calling the shots—even if they forced him to make his running mate Kamala Harris, the Obama favorite who insinuated that Biden was a racist during a 2020 debate.

What the Obama faction wanted was a politically plausible avatar through which it could push game-changing policies without having to be held accountable. So what if we burn down the country? It’s good for the party—and our cash flow.

And on that count, Biden has delivered handsomely. He started on day one of his term by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline. The point was to drive up energy prices and thereby force “clean” energy on Americans who are stubbornly clinging to fossil fuels.

And crucially, it told Democratic Party leaders and donors with potentially lucrative investments in “clean” energy that Biden knew the play. Further, it undermined the economic foundation of the opposition’s small business base, built on cheap and reliable energy.

The Democrats believe their “renewable” energy plan, along with an open border policy, meant to supply the party with a renewable voter base, will keep them in power for a generation. So how has the party’s Biden gambit failed?

Seen in this context, Obama’s visit to the White House earlier in the week was a celebration of Biden—or more specifically, the plan to use Biden as a cover for Obama’s proxy presidency. Sure, it looked bad to some that all the attention was on the former president while Biden wandered the room like a mute ghost, but that’s the message Obama wanted to send. It was me all along—I did this.

Maybe I’m wrong, and the Democrats are truly coming to the recognition that the Biden presidency is hurting Americans—and Democrats’ chances in the 2022 midterm elections. But that supposes the Democratic Party cares about governing responsibly, and all the evidence points in the other direction.

For the past several years, the Democrats have waged a campaign of desecration and demoralization targeting their political opponents and destabilizing the entire country. Among other destructive initiatives, they funded the George Floyd riots, promoted The 1619 Project, mandated experimental medical treatments, and facilitated sexual perverts’ access to schoolchildren.

Installing a semi-comatose figurehead in the White House is simply part of the effort to undo America’s peace and prosperity.

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