Joe Lange:

“I think the normies need to see mass arrests to be woke up. I think that’s the plan in order to establish the rule of law again and get rid of the two tier justice system”

Eric Larson, Telegram:

You make an excellent point. I follow LTC Steve Murray and he is doing something similar basically saying at some point the guns are gonna come out. (He’s fucking pissed BTW, he lives in AZ). I’ve been sort of probing the federal LEOs surveillance of us and have been saying similar stuff to Brnovich and others that if he doesn’t do his job and 2022 ends up being stolen that within 72 hours there will be a mass uprising and citizens will be pulling ALL elected and appointed officials out into the streets. I even used phraseology along the lines of that there will be so many of us, we could march on all the capitols with plastic butter knives as weapons and nothing would stop us. I mean, I even felt like I really crossed the line on some stuff and nobody has ever come to my door. I think everything goes down BEFORE the midterms.