by Kaneokoa The Great

The surveillance video and cellphone ping data represent the most comprehensive and indisputable evidence of election fraud yet and True the Vote alleges that as much as 7% of mail-in ballots were illegally trafficked in this manner in swing states during the 2020 election.

We may never get another chance like this to expose the fraudulent U.S. election system because ballot traffickers will avoid surveillance cameras and not carry their cellphones in future elections.

It will be our duty to win in the court of public opinion with the documented evidence that True the Vote and 2000 Mules provide then we must compel state legislatures and county election officials to act on that evidence.

1. Clean up the voter rolls

2. Stop mass mail-in voting

3. Abolish the drop boxes

4. Indict ballot traffickers

The FBI, DOJ, and SC might ignore the evidence, but we can demand change on a local level that will have a national impact.

Exposing America’s Ballot Trafficking Cartel

True the Vote used two petabytes of data, ten trillion cell phone pings, and four million minutes of surveillance video to uncover a nationwide organized criminal ballot trafficking ring.


If we don’t get rid of ballot drop boxes and mass mail in voting NOW, before this November, the cheaters will adjust.  

They’ll simply start having the mules leave their phones at home when they go to stuff the ballot boxes.  

We have to bypass the politicians, law enforcement, and the courts.  THE PEOPLE are going to have to do mass demonstrations outside the right offices in order to make it clear WE’RE NOT HERE ON A NEGOTIATION. WE ARE TELLING YOU TO GET RID OF THESE DROP BOXES and to indict these ballot traffickers. –Brian Cates

“We The People” should destroy the boxes if they pop up. With baseball bats. – Michelle Ernst

If it comes to civil disobedience in destroying these ballot boxes to protect our votes from fraud, so be it.  

But that would be a very last resort.

We would pursue every legal recourse in the time we had before we would have to resort to destroying the ballot boxes.

But we would do it.  

Do not test us. — Brian Cates

110 Articles Affirm America’s Computerized Voting System Is Online, Compromised, and Vulnerable To Hackers: Documented, Linked, and Quoted

American citizens deserve to know every single line of code and every single piece of hardware that counts their votes.

Voters must demand state legislatures and county election officials ban remote access software, wireless modems, direct-recording electronic, and ballot-marking device voting machines.

American elections must shift from a proprietary, privately-owned computerized system to one that is open-source, available for public inspection, and completely owned by the American people.

👆👆👆Although I’ve been focusing on the ballot-box-stuffing RICO criminal organizations at work in the battleground states due to True The Votes new evidence rollout and the approach of the 2000 Mules premiere, don’t assume I’m downplaying or ignoring the other side of the vote fraud equation.  

The election machines must GO. – Brian Cates