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Read It: Michael Flynn Writes a Letter to Elon Musk Over His Twitter Offer

Here’s Flynn’s message for the Tesla CEO.

🔴 Read It: Michael Flynn Writes a Letter to Elon Musk Over His Twitter Offer

Lt. General Michael Flynn (USA-Ret.) expressed support for Elon Musk’s $43 billion offer to buy Twitter, despite most employee’s stated wishes.

The retired general briefly served as former President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor until FBI agents accused him of lying. His legal team alleged the federal agents perjury trapped Flynn.

Gen. Flynn posted his support of Mr. Musk’s takeover bid on the Telegram messaging application.

“I was censored from Twitter on the exact same day as President Trump (hmmm, I wonder why?)” Flynn began his open letter to Musk. “I likely said (to many times) the presidential election of 2020 was an election filled with fraud and I probably used the phrase ‘God Bless America’ once too often. For the soulless people at Twitter, that may have confused them…I’m NOT sorry about that.”

At his letter’s ending, he said a tweet from @Techno_Fog explains Twitter’s reasons for allegedly hiding from the truth.

“They figure if they ban speech from people they fear, we will all dry up and go away,” the general declared. “Maybe you can’t do anything about Twitter. There is an army of digital soldiers (information warriors) that exist and despite the challenges of the undeniable assault on free speech, these warriors of truth have been on the march across all other forms of social media and cannot be stopped.”

The former security advisor claimed the “digital warriors” own the information space of free speech.

“This is our high ground and we will not cede it to a bunch of arrogant flakes who think they own the world,” exclaimed Flynn, adding, “I want you to succeed because your success is part of the victory we all need for humanity.”

“Freedom is a human trait,” he added. “Faith is an even deeper human trait and emotion.” Flynn said he had both.

Chief Nerd:

Elon Musk just tweeted ‘Love Me Tender’. Could this be his Plan B? 🤔 



Musk spent months getting this ready.  

He knew the board would turn him down. He’s not frantically trying to come up with a Plan B, he had his Plan B ready even before he launched his Plan A.  

This is getting REALLY GOOD.

General Flynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Elon, I was hoping you’d choose this as the new logo for twitter 🤣

Brian Cates:

Always read the fine print in your hedge fund client contract.

Cognitive Carbon:

There’s your answer. Say you hold TWTR shares at Schwab in your account. There is a shareholder action requiring shareholder vote (like electing the board.) Unless you specifically asked Schwab to send you the materials and explicitly denied them permission to vote on your behalf…Schwab votes for you; that’s what happens by default. Most shareholders ignore this fineprint, don’t want to bother with it. So by default, their *broker* gets to vote. E.G….the big wall street banks.

Oh, but Elon knows *all* about these details, because of TSLA, SpaceX, etc. he knows how the process works (and is rigged.)  He could blow big holes in TWTR with this knowledge

the point is: unless their clients specifically instruct them NOT to act on their behalf…they WILL vote by proxy as *they* see fit.

That means the brokers have disproportionate inflluence; even if they themselves (Vanguard) don’t DIRECTLY hold TWTR shares for their own account, they DO hold tons of TWTR shares for their clients; and they get to vote on behalf of their clients

Brian Cates:

How many of those Twitter shareholders at Blackrock and Vanguard have specifically contacted their broker and instructed them not to vote on their behalf at Elon Musk’s fast-approaching tender offer shareholder meeting?  

Not very many, I’ll bet.

If you think Blackrock and Vanguard are going to vote to turn down Elon’s offer on behalf of their clients, thus costing themselves profits and losing billions of dollars in profits for their clients, you have no idea how the financial services industry works and you need to sit this one out.

Forecast 432Hz:

The Twitter board collectively owns almost no shares… this is ridiculous.

👆👆👆(Brian Cates🙂 Actually, it’s not.  This is a strong indication of who the real power behind the board has always been.

As I said, Musk spent a lot of time and money carefully preparing behind the scenes his Plans A & B and the idiots in charge never got a tip off he was coming.  He caught them completely and totally by surprise.  They had no idea.  

He’s so far ahead they’ll never catch him. 

And you can quote me on that.

I own shares in DWAC. I bought them through the hedge fund Fidelity. 


If not, why not? 

And if they don’t, WHY THE HELL do people keep saying Blackrock and Vanguard ‘own’ their client’s Twitter stock?  

This is not hard. 


“Hi, Blackrock? I wanna sell 10% of my Twitter stock holdings.”

“Yeah? So what?”

“Uh what? I’m your client. It’s my stock. I wanna sell it. Now.”

“It’s not yours. See, we fooled you. It’s really been ours all along.  So buzz off.”

“B-b-but I paid $12,000 for -“


Come on.  You’re imagining that. That’s not how the real world works.  

Am I being clear enough here or do I need to go over it again?

I realize there are other people out there claiming to you that Blackrock and Vanguard own the stock. But they are just f**king with you.  Or they don’t know what they’re talking about.  🤷‍♂️😬

Cognitive Carbon Public:

“Directly or Indirectly”.  Musk knows how proxy voting works when Brokers are involved.  If a broker holds shares “on behalf of” a Saudi, that broker votes on shareholder issues (like electing the board, who appoints officers.)

I have been chatting with @drawandstrike Brian Cates about this topic today.   Here’s an important thing to know.  In a corporation, shareholders elect the members of the board (exactly who proposes slates of candidates and how is an excellent thing to go learn about.  Here’s one entry point for corruption. the process is somewhat analogous to the electoral college: you indirectly vote for President, not directly.)  The board then appoints the officers (CEO, President, etc.)  The officers serve at the pleasure of the board. The board *Directs* the officers to do certain actions, and *empowers* them to do certain other actions.

Now: if you hold shares of TWTR in your brokerage account, say Schwab…and you do NOT explicitly tell them that you intend to vote your shares, they will vote your shares for you, by proxy.  So it is the entities who hold shares on behalf of others who potentially hold the power to elect board members and steer public companies by appointing new officers.

So the point that got all of this discussion started with @drawandstrike :  Jack Dorsey has been tweeting some interesting things lately.  He’s perhaps not the super-villain we all thought he was.  When he was serving at CEO, and Twitter suspended Trump’s account: did Jack, on his own recognizance, give the direction to do that?  Or was he, as CEO reporting to the board, given direction BY THE BOARD to take certain actions–since the board was, by definition, Jack’s “bosses”?  And who did those board members represent, exactly?  How did they come to be on the board, and which powerful entities influenced their selections?

Brian Cates:

Here’s the question that should be asked: How much control did Dorsey actually have when he was Twitter’s CEO?  

Because it’s starting to be revealed through what’s happened over the past week that there ‘hidden powers’ behind Twitter’s board. 

And it looks like Elon Musk is attempting to force them to reveal themselves to keep control of the company.

How do you get the world’s richest man to go away and quit exposing who really runs your company and what your company is really all about? 

This is the dilemma Twitter’s board now faces.


Elon has a plan and it’s becoming more clear. Now, I’m not sure if Elon is acting alone or if he is acting along side white hats, but given the vitriol and fear from the left wing media complex, we know his objectives align with ours and he is seen as a threat to their control. 

As for the first step of the plan, it’s simple: Offer them a shitload of money, far above the market value. An undeniable offer in the world of business. And if they deny it, it proves they are motivated by something other than money, proving Twitter isn’t actually a business, it’s a tool. It proves that they greatly value the ability to censor, suppress free speech, control information, and manipulate public perception. And given their allegiance to one side of the aisle, it proves that political bias has infiltrated social media and weaponized private enterprise to circumvent the Constitution. 

This all culminates to one final conclusion. That Twitter is not a business, merely an arm of the DNC, and has been used to abuse the Rights protected by The Constitution and psychologically manipulate the masses to alter elections and seize political power. The DNC are engaged in treasonous political and psychological warfare at the expense of We the People. 

That’s where we are at, and that’s what Elon is proving in broad daylight for the world to see. 

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