From Brian Cates:

Comey, McCabe, Strzok…they are never going to willingly reveal that they knew Sussmann and Steele and Simpson were working for Hillary when they were approached by her private contractors during the 2016 election campaign with the Alfa Bank and Steele Dossier hoaxes.

Now, they can be FORCED to do it at some point, probably by Durham making use of the already publicly available declassified documentation about it. 

Yes, just based on already publicly declassified documents, like Brennan’s handwritten notes and the CIA referral sent to Comey & Strzok,  a competent prosecutor could nail all three of them. 

But they’re never on their own going to admit “Yeah we knew all this stuff was fake and coming straight from the Clinton campaign. We knew by August of 2016 these Clinton operatives would be making their approaches to us.  And we decided to play along, take the hoaxes from them and start investigations of Trump and his associates based on these hoaxes.”


Who was getting a massive cut of the profits out of all of these baby factories in Ukraine?


👆👆👆”When your immune system has been totally compromised by the vaccines and the boosters,  and we are  your only option to continue receiving the Big Pharma drugs that keep you alive, we will totally own you.  

You will bow the knee.  You will have to.

We will accomplish two of our main goals: reduce the Earth’s population and make the survivors completely and totally dependent upon US.

You will do whatever you are told – OR ELSE.”

[NOW do  you see why they are insisting every single man, woman and child on earth get this vaccine? ]