Reported by Brian Cates:

John Podesta and Robby Mook have entered declarations in the Sussmann case’s court docket.

What Podesta’s declaration says is that the Hillary Camp has not waived any of it’s attorney client privileges over documents held by any firm or entity it hired during the 2016 campaign. 

Podesta therefore declares that attorney client privilege shields any work product produced for it by Perkins Coie or any of the consultants it hired [supposedly just for legal advice] such as Fusion GPS.  

Weak sauce.  

The Hillary team is declaring that they have a right to hold back thousands of documents in the face of federal subpoenas and they do not want the in camera review Durham has requested to take place. 

Notice that Podesta doesn’t even address that the judge will be reviewing the documents himself if he grants Durham’s Motion To Compel, so he can impartially determine if the claims of privilege are authentic.


Mook’s declaration is a bit longer, but is also only 2 pages.

So both Mook and Podesta are insisting on continuing with the lie in signed declarations to Judge Cooper that Perkins Coie and all the contractors hired by Perkins Coie such as Fusion GPS, were hired solely to and I quote “for the purpose of providing legal services and legal advice to HFA.”  

They’re locked into this lie now, that Fusion’s documents held back in defiance of a federal grand jury subpoena are chock-full of ‘legal advice’ and ‘legal counsel’ and are thus shielded from the SCO by attorney client privilege.  

Here’s what’s going to happen:  

Durham has already showed the court more than sufficient documentary evidence of the ‘joint venture’ to attack and vilify Donald J. Trump with a fake Alfa Bank hoax that involved a private spy network comprised of federal contractors abusing their access privileges to government databases.

Hillary for America, Perkins Coie and Fusion all have motive to lie to the court to shield their joint venture targeting Trump with manufactured hoaxes from further exposure.

For this reason, Judge Cooper is going to grant Durham’s Motion To Compel via In Camera review and Judge Cooper and his staff are going to review the Fusion/PC documents themselves.  

And when that happens, Cooper’s going to find the claims of a/c priv are a bold faced sham.

Then Judge Cooper is gonna give Durham most, if not all these documents and he may even impose sanctions on the defendant and the parties that attempted to mislead the court.

Mook incoherently attempts to claim to Judge Cooper that the law firm of Perkins Coie hired Fusion solely to ‘assist’ it in providing ‘legal services and legal advice’ about the opposition research into Donald Trump that HFA was doing.  

That’s going to be a huge red flag to Cooper and Durham will instantly pounce on it when he addresses it in his own filing.  

Due to Hillary’s own stupidity in involving the lawyers directly in the criminal scheme, at this late date her team is having to incoherently claim that Fusion should be allowed to hide all the documents relating to the Trump/Russia hoaxes it helped to create from Durham because Fusion was only hired to give ‘legal services and legal advice’.  

It’s a last ditch Hail Mary attempt to keep Durham from seeing the most damning documents that HFA, Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS have been holding back. 

It won’t work.  

But what else can they do?

They already had John Huber leading a team of US Attorneys in investigating the Clinton Foundation and the email server scandal and other related matters from 2017 thru 2019.  

WITHOUT ever calling Huber a Special Counsel.  

Both Jeff Sessions and Stephen Boyd revealed this in letters to Congress. 

Durham was operating the exact same way. A defacto special counsel without being officially designated one yet. 

 He too appears to have had a team of US Attorneys working under him from 2017 thru today, running investigations and leading empaneled grand juries.  

US Attorneys I believe were working with/under Durham  since 2017: 

John Huber = Clinton Foundation/server

John Bash = illegal intercepts/unmasking

Jeffrey Jensen = Gen Flynn case fraud