The Russians aren’t directly accusing the US DoD, they are accusing a political entity from within the US government who weaponized the DoD and are using government and non-government entities to create biological weapons in a clandestine non-government sanctioned operation. It’s not the US government they are accusing, it’s the Deep State. 

4. I’m not sure what the US DoD were looking to accomplish here. All they did was prove the overall messaging from the Western media and government surrounding the labs has been false, and they clarified that they are no biological weapons programs on the books. Which we already knew. 

If anything, it appears like the DoD may be trying to cover their own asses and separate themselves from the Deep State entity who controlled the allocation of their funds. We have to keep in mind it’s not the US DoD who did this, it’s the Deep State players who controlled the White House and weaponized the DoD’s funding at labs in Ukraine with contractors. These black site activities don’t speak for the entirety of the good and honest heroes at the US DoD. 

Perhaps this is the turning point where the US MIL turns on the sitting POTUS and the Deep State actors. I mean the title of the release statement does include “Threat Reduction Efforts with Russia”. Are they hinting that they will be working with Russian MIL to dispose of harmful weapons again? 

There is a lot to digest here. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it, but this release statement confirms a lot. Yes, there are biolabs in Ukraine. Yes, the entire Western media complex just got caught lying about it.