Dems To Hold June 9th Hearings To Get To The Bottom Of Why No One Watched Jan. 6th Hearings


Between 2 to 4 million total viewers between 8 and 10 pm ET

CBS – 3.4m

ABC – 4.9m

NBC- 3.6m

Adding up the three broadcast networks, the hearings received a total of 11.8 million total viewers.


MSNBC – 4.2m

CNN – 2.6

Fox (BX) – 223,000

CNBC – 160,000

The hearings’ overall viewership remained lower than the National Basketball Association (NBA) finals that aired on ABC, which earned 11 million in total viewership, according to Show Buzz Daily. Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson received 5 million views for his interview with Kyle Rittenhouse in November, also beating all of the networks total viewership for the hearings.

The views far outnumbered CNN and MSNBC’s average viewership. Last month, CNN received 511,000 daytime views and 545,000 primetime viewership. MSNBC had 753,000 daytime viewership overall and 1 million primetime views.

Democrats admitted in a New York Times article Tuesday that the hearings will boost support for their base after they target Republicans for being “irresponsibly complicit.” Democratic Party committees sent out several emails before Thursday’s hearings to increase donation money before the November midterm elections.


Thursday Ratings: ABC, MSNBC Lead Coverage of Jan. 6 Committee Hearing