TUCKER: Biden should explain immediately why he inappropriately showered with his own daughter, then resign… Biden is using the FBI as his own personal secret police to crush anyone who gets in his way or exposes these crimes

And when the naked showers issue comes up and Biden is forced to address it at last, that’s when the pictures off the laptop of a nude Hunter Biden and a nude Natalie Biden are likely going to be dropped.

Because hey…timing is everything.

Yes, among those who have researched and followed the Laptop From Hell from the start, it’s not exactly a huge secret there are photos on it of Hunter Biden walking around nude with his niece.

Like the Ashley Biden Diary entry, I’ve known about the Hunter/Natalie nude pics since November of 2020.


👆👆👆Oh nice, right on time.

The problem here is Project Veritas and James O’Keefe neither paid for nor published the diary

It was Patrick Howley and The National File that published the diary, and I’ve never been able to confirm they paid something for it.

But it was Project Veritas that got raided by the FBI, not The National File. 

Go figure.

Let me spell it out: 

The Ashley Biden Diary was published in full two years ago.  

NOBODY in the mainstream media or any other kind of media has ever asked Joe Biden about that diary entry where Ashley revealed he was taking showers with her.  


That is what changed tonight.

Now they have to ask him about it.

Even though they don’t want to.

You’re welcome.

–Brian Cates