Toria Brooke of The Justice League (Telegram) was at the event and posted some pics.


Kash Patel

Loudoun County, VA- #FWK wil see you tonight… we even got a few surprises for yall.

👆 👆👆 Here’s a snap from last year- I’m pumped @truthsocial Lets goooooo


“The communist rags are giving up the January 6th saga. It’s all they had left.” —Kash

“Next month, Truth Social will be rolling out for Android.” —Kash

“The swampiest person is Milley. The worst person is watermelon head (Adam Schiff).” —Kash

“I believe Durham may indict members of the FBI this summer and employees of Fusion GPS.” —Kash

Senior Editor of Epoch Times Jan Jekielek 🇺🇸🦅

I had a blast getting to meet fellow patriots tonight (Lisa Mei, Rinehold)