“Alright, this is going to be a very uncomfortable conversation for many, but someone needs to step up. This is a topic I never directly talk about, but today we are going to talk about it. We are going to have an adult conversation about Q. More specifically, the people who talk about Q, the Anons.

To preface my statements, those that have known me, know I go back to the beginning. I’ve been following the drops since Halloween, 2017. I used to be popular anon on Twitter under many different names, I’ve read every drop a plethora of times. I’ve followed the entire time. I’m an Anon, I just intentionally avoid directly talk about Q to create a message more digestible for normies, and all those who are turned off by the Q community. 

So Q is back to posting after zero comms for 18 months, which has obviously sparked a lot of excitement in the Anon community. But with this excitement, comes a slew of new terrible decodes/interpretations and egregious stretches to make connections that simply are not there. 

Folks, you need to recognize that it’s different this time around. We have built a big-ass audience over the past 18 months. We are literally the news now. I’m breaking massive stories like Russia targeting US biolabs, while the media are praising nazis and pushing fake war propaganda. Big name guests like Gregg Phillips, Kash Patel, Dinesh D’Souza, Trump’s Lawyer Peter Ticktin, etc., have been coming onto Anon podcasts and shows. A lot of people come to Anons for their news now, because the media have completely fallen off of a cliff and we are providing the ACTUAL NEWS. 

Not with drops and decodes, but with real-world proofs like Biden tanking the country, gas prices, election fraud via mail-in voting, C19 came from Wuhan lab, Durham, Russia accusing the DNC of crimes against humanity via bio-genocide, Hunter Biden laptop and dirty dealings in Ukraine, Epstein. All these real-world proofs have drawn people to us, because we were right about all this stuff and the MSM was dead wrong. 

Now that Q is back, this actual news and proof will be muddied with popular Anons in the community making asinine “decodes” like finding 765 spaces between the words in a random drop, dividing it by 17 and it equals 45, and that somehow means that all of Q is legitimate. 

Stuff like this may be fun for people, but it doesn’t help the movement in any way. All of the people who are going to buy into these ridiculous non-connections are people who already follow Q. You’re not waking anyone up. You’re not helping. But here’s how it hurts the movement: 

-it gives critics low hanging fruit to discredit 

-it deters normies because it doesn’t make any sense or prove anything 

-it lessens the impact of real proofs via association 

I was inspired by a Truth from @IET17 and he’s 100% correct. 

“The time for obscure, reaching, and convoluted proofs is over.” 

I couldn’t agree more. Clearly I don’t speak for everyone, but I highly suggest the entire Anon community do a serious self-evaluation of themselves, as well of what content they deem viable to post/promote. 

Too many in the community forget what the main objective of the mission is. The mission is NOT to see who can get the most followers or get 10k likes on a funny meme. The mission is to wake up normies to assist white hats with global acceptance for high profile arrests and crimes against humanity. That’s your one job, and it’s LONG overdue for everyone start taking it more seriously. 

Shape your message to reach a broader audience instead of catering to the same echo chamber. Stop trying to legitimize Q with decodes, and let the real-world proofs come in real time. We’ve seen a million of them. We don’t have to make any up. 

Use discernment before posting something. If you have to think if it’s a proof, it’s not a proof. There should be ZERO stretching involved. Stop trying to find 17s in everything. Just talk about the content of the drops, and how they relate to the real-world happenings. THATS IT.”