Expect affidavit to be covered in black ink

Order – #80 in United States v. Sealed Search Warrant (S.D. Fla., 9:22-mj-08332) – CourtListener.com

ORDER as to Sealed Search Warrant, memorializing and supplementing oral rulings at August 18, 2022, hearing. Signed by Magistrate Judge Bruce E. Reinhart See attached document for full details. (BER) (Entered: 08/22/2022)


United States v. Sealed Search Warrant (Mar-a-Lago Raid)

New ORDER by Magistrate Judge Reinhart

“I therefore reject the Government’s argument that the present record justifies keeping the entire Affidavit under seal. In its Response, the Government asked that I give it an opportunity to propose redactions if I declined to seal the entire Affidavit. I granted that request and gave the Government a deadline of noon on Thursday, August 25, 2022. ECF No. 74. Accordingly, it is hereby ORDERED that by the deadline, the Government shall file under seal a submission addressing possible redactions and providing any additional evidence or legal argument that the Government believes relevant to the pending Motions to Unseal.


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