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August 4, 2023
General Flynn explaining 5Gwarfare sure sounds a lot like the Counterinsurgency strategy I keep talking about. Military and civilian simultaneously.

August 4, 2023
DPH reminded me of something.
Here’s something to watch for. Don’t fall for this trick. Right wing media are all arguing for the First Amendment and freedom of speech when it comes to Trump’s trial. That is a BS red herring argument. This isn’t about free speech. It’s about a conspiracy to steal a nationwide election. Right wing media doesn’t talk about the evidence of the stolen election  They focus on free speech which “assumes” Trump is lying. As if he has a constitutional right to lie about it and can’t be prosecuted while ignoring the fact Biden didn’t get 81 million votes or come close to winning the election. Rant over.😁

August 4, 2023
Obama. He’s a brainless idiot who just reads a teleprompter. A complete puppet. He isn’t behind any of the enemy planning. He had two minders telling him what to do. Hillary and Bush are both puppets too but on a much higher level.

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  1. 100% true about Obama – I saw a clip of him when his teleprompter suddenly when blank, and he fumbled and bumbled his way after that.

    SImilar to Greta Thunberg – take her away from her standard talking points, and she stumbles and crumbles as well.

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