Saying Biden’s a dog insults the canine class


No. The difference between this and the #BudLightBoycott is a vote with your wallet can’t be stolen at 3AM after Election Day.

This right here…

It all makes sense now! Daddy’s little devil.

Black Friday?

AOC just tweeted out today that these poor people were only shoplifting bread.

According to @AOC they’re just hungry.

I was assured by @AOC these poor people are unable to work real jobs and this is the only possible way to feed their families because of capitalism or something…


(Yet they never steal food.)

They’re stealing clothing-shaped bread.

(Bread-shaped breeches were all the rage at the “Summer of 1776” signing party.)

Did all these lucky people win the ten minute shopping spree ? How lucky is that?

You want to murder 50 people because theyre stealing corporate Walmart’s chinese made products, that cost Walmart $7, but they charge $300, for?


I thought Black History month was over. Let’s cut them some slack, we owe them another summer of “FLASH MOBS”, these are good people.

You have to wonder how much of this theft, is now showing up on eBay and Craigslist for resale. Caveat Emptor.

Those who shop at those stores and pay for their goods will be paying for what the thieves stole… You know, it’s the same way government works!! We’re funding thieves!!

And the management is waiting for the government to “do something.” They’ll die waiting.

Black. Black. Black. Black. Black. Black. Black.

(I saw a white dude. He was probably their accountant.)

My family and I were finishing up a trip in CA. Plan was to spend the day in SF, get a hotel room and fly home the next morning. I decided not to chance it with young children and went to SF late, got pizza near the hotel and flew home next morning. I’m told it was the right move

(shoulda had the pizza delivered, your kids need you)

California: what New York will turn into in a few years.

Both blue states. What a coincidence.

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  1. How about $113 B to the residents of Maui who some have not only lost property but their children? The big developers will swoop in, raze everything and build stunning resorts callously disregarding the heartbreak these people are going through…
    BTW: Nobody cares about Ukraine anymore…we see it for sham that it is…

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