Wait! What?

…What happens when these Trump team people turn the trial into a forum for proving the 2020 election theft in GA **and** PA because Willis stupidly opened that door in her indictment?

Remember that scene in “A History of Violence” where the henchmen messes up trying to strangle his brother to death, and gets beaten up and Viggo Mortensen escapes, so William Hurt stands over him and taunts him for his incompetence.

“HOW do you FUCK THAT UP?!”

He repeats the line twice and then shoots him. https://youtu.be/WA11gnz9eBA?t=32

HOW do you post a ‘fake’ list of indictment charges earlier today, and then go ahead and publish the ENTIRE LIST of the UNREDACTED NAMES of your grand jurors?



No really…this actually happened. After ‘accidently’ allowing a ‘fake’ document to be posted to the court docket earlier today, they went ahead and released the EXACT SAME 10 CHARGES against Trump. Then they FAILED TO REDACT THE NAMES OF THE GRAND JURORS. WHAT THE FUDGE IS GOING ON IN FULTON COUNTY?

Oh, d’is gonna be good!

Bingo! That’s what I’m saying…she’s opening up a giant can o’ worms. She even named the “suitcases under the table” folks as witness/victim, meaning they will be called on to testify at some point. Does Fani really think they will be able to keep their stories straight under multi cross-examinations (including video and statements from 3 years ago)?

These are not suitcases.

SO, we currently have in litigation: AZ, GA, MI, PA. All that’s left from the biggest “steal” is WI. Will that “get in” somehow, as well? All it takes is a “slip up” during the trial… Everything is finally starting to come together.


She has him exactly where he wanted. Discovery is going to be FUN.

Nothing worse than a black female DA that thinks she has power. She’s been given some bad advice. They don’t care because she’s the one left holding the bag.

(She’s only doing what George Soros is telling her to do)

Discovery and subpoena power. Thank you very much DA Fani Willis. Let’s go!

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Fani Willis is EXPENDABLE! And yes, she’s opening up a can ‘of whoop ass that she’ll wish she had not touched–unless she’s part of the show–as in she capitulated! 🍿 She/Fulton Country has no idea of the “WHAT” the defense has…besides education & knowledge. 🧐
    “There’s ALWAYS going to be someone smarter and more logical than you.”…said by this mom when her daughter was in 2nd grade, and wanted to teach the class. Now, she IS teaching the class–college. 😂

  2. What is precious is the whole thing will be on camera, her choice. Can’t wait. Popcorn ready. Take notes.

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