“Who among you will rejoice when the day arrives that the traitors and criminals are punished and Donald Trump is allowed without obstruction from them to continue Making America Great Again? I sure will rejoice! That is a day worth waiting for! Patience.” — Lin Wood

Have you had nights where you couldn’t find that sleep “sweet” spot, tossing and turning in a seemingly fruitless effort to find it? Until you awoke in the morning from an almost drugged sleep, wondering when you finally dropped off?

Last night was one of those for me. Giving in to sleeplessness, I watch one of several videos that attorney Lin Wood has posted on his prolific TELEGRAM channel. In it he was the guest of his alma mater Mercer College when he donated one million dollars to the institution that provided him with his undergrad and law degrees. In appreciation of his gift, Mercer College named a courtroom for him and on this day he met with students prior to the formal presentation.

For those who don’t know who Lin Wood is and the breadth of his law career, he is the defamation lawyer who defended many high profile clients that included Richard Jewell, the family of JonBenet Ramsey, Beth Holloway (mother of Natalie Holloway), former congressman Gary Condit, Herman Cain, Covington student Nicholas Sandman. A published biography states:

Attorney Wood is being persecuted by the Left for speaking out in defense of President Trump, opinionating on the alleged and actual crimes committed by SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts and others, and working with attorney Sidney Powell to challenge the 2020 election results. The latest volley against him came from his beloved alma mater AND the State of Georgia Bar.

The State Bar of Georgia and many others have viciously and falsely attacked me for what I have done and what I said in recent months. They want to put me on trial in the court of public opinion and in a court of law. 

What have I said and what have I done? I support President Trump. I fight for Free Speech and the Constitution. I fight for honest elections. I fight against pedophilia and child sex trafficking. I fight to expose corrupt government officials.

They want to put me on trial to attack my mental health and deprive me of my law license for what I have said and what I have done on these issues. 

I try my imperfect best to do and say what God directs me to do and say. 

Who is really being put on trial?

This will be a trial you do not want to miss.

Thank you for your donations, love, support, and prayers. God bless each of you.

Here is a photo of the agenda-driven “grievance” complaint filed against me by the State Bar of Georgia. These GA lawyers must have been trained by the self-serving, career politicians as it looks like one of their pieces of ridiculous legislation they pass and do not themselves know what is in the bill.


“Look at what is happening to the lawyers for President Trump. I don’t even represent President Trump. I just support him in the exercise of my First Amendment right of free speech. 

They are placing a Scarlett Letter T on the President’s lawyers. They are trying to place a Scarlett Letter T on me. 

Soon they will place one on ALL of his supporters. 

I will fight back. Will you?”

You might have seen Lin on Mark Levin’s Life, Liberty, and Levin program in 2019 discussing the First Amendment and why it requires accountability by the media.

If you’re interested in learning more about the man who is now the target of the left who are out to destroy him, you can find him at TELEGRAM (Lin Wood). The video helps us understand the measure of this man who if he wasn’t an attorney would surely be a preacher. His faith is unshakeable.





















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