“War Room” contributor Joe Allen talks to Steve Bannon about “transhumanism” on a regular basis. Today he talked about his new article in American Thinker entitled “Elon Musk’s Crusade to Save You — By Destroying Your Humanity.”

“The article basically digs into Elon Musk’s autistic dreamworld, the world which he envisions for our future. It’s a world in which artificial intelligence far surpasses human intellect. He has often times warned that artificial intelligence actually poses the greatest existential threat that humanity has, but at the same time he seems to believe that it is inevitable. … His response to this is the development of the neural link brain implant… The brain implant basically functions by drilling a hole in the skull, inserting the chip, interweaving hundreds of hair-thin electrodes into regions of the brain, taking that brain’s neurological activity, transferring that into digital information, and allowing human beings basically to interface directly with computers.”

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